Wednesday LinkThink

It’s a bit of hectic week for me, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty going on!

  1. Major League Baseball–especially the owners and commissioner Rob Manfred–are blowing it. For a league whose average fan is 57 years old (up from 50 at the turn of the century), the long-term effects of these grinding, bickering negotiations are potentially disastrous.

  2. The English Premiership is back today! Rory Smith has a nice piece on what we can learn from the past few months, where there was no soccer to watch, yet the sport was still front and center in the English national conversation.

England reveres the Premier League, relishes its status and revels in its supremacy — particularly in relation to other leagues — but it resents its scale and its prominence and its self-importance. It is addicted to it, hopelessly so, but it is repulsed by that addiction. It is a relationship of love and self-loathing.

  1. Speaking of the EPL’s time off, it was great to see 22-year old Marcus Rashford lead the charge to pressure the UK government to extend it’s school meal program into the summer.

  2. Similarly, on our side of the pond, we’ve begun to see a political awakening and mobilization by college athletes. Tensions are high at Oklahoma State. Meanwhile, at my place of work, I’m proud to see Longhorn student-athletes standing up for what they believe in. To critics who say “why are they speaking up now?”, I’ll offer the friendly reminder that many of these campuses and athletic departments were still segregated two generations ago, and that the student-athlete experience has long been contingent on keeping a low profile off the field. Or, perhaps more simply, “Why NOT now?”

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