Links worth reading: NCAA NIL

Photo by Celyn Kang on Unsplash

Things have moved quickly this week with the NCAA tentatively approving a move toward student-athlete compensation. Of course, it’s complicated. Here are the critiques that I’ve been reading and trying to wrap my head around.

First, an overview. Or this one, if you’ve already used your free articles from the Times.

But this is the NCAA, and nothing involving the NCAA can ever be that easy.” The Athletic’s Andy Staples with an incisive takedown (subscription.). Also at the Athletic, Nicole Auerbach raises the many, many questions that remain to be answered.

The legal perspective from Darren Heitner at Above The Law. And more on the legal road ahead from Sports Illustrated.

One of the preservationist critiques is that only top athletes at top schools will benefit. This ignores a little thing we like to call “the market,” but hey, they’re trying. Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel makes a case for broader impacts.

There, of course, externalities. We probably won’t see the return of beloved NCAA video games.

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