Links: Things I’m Watching and Listening To

The Sports Innovation Lab has launched a video, “ask me anything” series, featuring hour long discussions with a diverse slate of industry insiders. Most are directly engaging with the current pandemic situation. I can’t get their links to embed, so here’s the main page where you can scroll the episodes. I found April 28th and 30th editions (on venue safety and advances in digital broadcasting, respectively) to be quite interesting. Definitely on the more business/technical side of things, but sure to be of interest to industry folks.

In a more relaxing vein, I’ve enjoyed the two most recent episodes of the Ink in Our Blood podcast, produced by the Maraniss family. The legendary John Feinstein joins them to discuss “Why Sports Matter” and the equally legendary Jane Leavy features in a great discussion on the nature of sports myths. If you only listen to one, go with Leavy.

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